skin art





  1. Peel off the protective clear plastic sheet

  2. Press the image face-down on clean, dry skin 
    (no lotion, oil, or makeup)

  3. Place a wet cloth or sponge on the back of the tattoo until the paper is wet through

  4. Wait 30 seconds, then slowly peel off the paper

  5. Rinse with water, and allow to dry before touching or covering with clothing

Properly applied, our ttoos last about 3 days. If you put them on dry, clean, hairless areas that don’t crease, stretch, or rub, they will last much longer. We often have ours last a full seven days or more—but that’s not a prediction or promise!


Our ttoos are waterproof; they will last through repeated showers and swimming. Try to keep oil and lotions away from them, but they are resistant to most soaps.


Remove our ttoos by rubbing with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer, or with any kind of oil, like baby oil. You can even lift them with scotch tape.


Our ttoos are non-toxic. They are so safe that we have applied them to babies. The colorants are FDA-certified, and everything we sell exceeds US, Canadian, and European Union safety standards for cosmetic and toy products. Certification documentation is available upon request.


  So far as we know, there are no agreed-upon names for most of the crop circles that have been recorded.
The names on this site are ours alone
for organizational purposes.


  The photographs of crop circles are by permission of Steve Alexander, and can be seen on his website temporarytemples.co.uk. 


Intergalactic mandalas? Terrestrial art form?

Regardless of their origin, crop circles are beautiful and satisfying to look at.

We were thinking…Aren’t they cool? Wouldn’t temporary tattoos of crop circles be great?

So we made them.

More designs are coming, and all of our designs are accurate renderings from licensed crop circle photographs.


We have added nothing and taken nothing away from the actual crop circles. None are from circles (of any shape) that refer to pop culture or are marketing stunts. We use only unexplained crop circles from Europe, Australia, England, and the U.S.

And now you can wear them.